The Idaho Housing market continues to rise, straining would-be homeowners from owning their dream homes. Law enforcement officials have told us that law enforcement applicants have declined to move to our area because the home prices are too high.  

The Boise Dev reports that home prices that the median home prices in Ada County have risen 23% from last year. Ada County home prices are just below six hundred thousand dollars. In Canyon County, the average price is around four hundred fifty thousand dollars.





Four years ago, the average wage in Idaho was just over thirty-four thousand dollars, reports the Idaho Press. The Gem State was forty-third in the nation in wages for workers. Public officials have told us that the lack of affordable housing has impacted their ability to hire workers from other states.

Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah has introduced a bill that would allow public lands to be sold to build affordable homes, reports the Deseret News. The bill would allow state or local governments to purchase public lands.  

The Deseret News revealed how Lee's Bill would work to help folks find affordable homes:

"The bill requires that at least 85% of the acquired land be used for residential housing and related community needs at a density not less than one home per quarter-acre. Community needs would include schools, churches, grocery stores, hospitals and health clinics. Also, no more than 15% of property could be used for commercial purposes."

Some Western politicians have begun to petition Congress to allow states like Idaho and Utah, which have a lot of lands owned by the federal government, to start building affordable homes for their residents. Some Idaho locations are now planning to build affordable housing for their workers as part of their initial expansion plans.  

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