It's tough pulling off a prank in 2022. Everyone is on edge, everything is offensive, and people are suing each other like it's going out of style. So how is one to pull off a good April Fool's Day ribbing this day in age?

We're not sure, but good luck topping what happened in Idaho almost 100 years ago.

Trust us. If you're planning a prank, this is the bar.

On April Fools' Day, 1935, Idaho Halls High School was ground zero for one of the funniest (and honestly most traumatizing) pranks we've ever heard. We don't know the culprit, but a student took it upon themself to release bats in the school hallways. Yes, bats. In the school. During class.

People obviously freaked out. A local paper printed this back in 1935:

There being no belfry in the school house, the frightened creatures, some dozen of them, released by a student prankster, aided and abetted by others, flitted about the school rooms and nearly disrupted classes for a time.

According to the paper, female students and teachers were deathly afraid that the flying menaces would get caught in their hair. And probably drink their blood. We're making that part up, but you know it crossed their minds for at least a fleeting moment.

Have you ever been witness to an epic April Fool's Day prank that rivals this absolute unit of a joke? Jump on Facebook and let us know, because we're finding it hard to believe someone could pull off something like this in 2022.

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