Over the weekend I was scrolling through Twitter like I normally do during a Global Pandemic and I came across an article that caught my eye: the most popular urban legend in every state!? I tried to think of what Idaho's could be...but to be honest, off of the top of my mind I still can't think of an urban legend for around here? When I was in High School, some friends and I camped in Silver City which is allegedly a total ghost town. It was creepy, but we survived.

Little did I know that according to Thrillist,  Idaho's most famous Urban Legend is just a matter of miles away from where I grew up...it's in Caldwell, Idaho!?

The legend lives at the Canyon Hill Cemetery which has been around for hundreds of years. The culprit is allegedly called the "Midnight Jogger" and if you park your car between the correct trees in the cemetery at night, the ghost will knock of your windows to let you know she's there and then keep on running.

I'm not sure I buy this...but have you ever heard anything about it? Let us know!

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