We're not here to debate about gun policy. That's a topic for another day. No sir. Today, we're talking about knives, and how some Idaho officials want to write it into law that anyone can carry a knife anywhere they want.

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So here's the proposed bill in question:

Under House Bill 620-A, no city, county, or other political subdivision in Idaho, will be allowed to make any rules preventing someone from carrying a knife on them, or create a tax for selling or purchasing the weapon.


Now, some may feel that it's good to be able to carry a knife anywhere on your person, while others may strongly disagree. We get that.

The Proposed Knife Bill Could Affect Idaho Concert & Music Venues

However, a weird sticking point to this bill would be concert and music venues. House Rep. Kenny Wroten had this to say about the proposed knife ruling:

Whether it’s Boise or Pocatello or wherever you have these venues," Wroten said. "This could be a real economic impact if they are forced to allow weapons into a facility when the entertainers have that in their contract and just will avoid us.


Imagine finding out your favorite artist cancelled their Idaho date, because their tour has a "no knives allowed in the venue" policy. No matter how you feel about the bill, that would just plain suck.

So, what's the right solution here? Let's put our heads together and see what we can come up with, shall we?

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