We're all smart when it comes to something.

Maybe it's Star Wars trivia. Knowing every episode of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. Or maybe you're a level 59 Machinist in Final Fantasy XIV with a vast knowledge of boss mechanics and over the overall role of a DPS (This writer really need to get a life).

But are you the overall smartest? While we can't directly give you an IQ test, what we can do is give you the list of the "Smartest Cities in Idaho" to see how your town ranks.

How does one even figure that out? This list compiled every city in Idaho based on two factors:

  • Percentage of adults with a high school diploma
  • Percentage of high school dropouts

While that may not give you a precise, scientific answer to which Idaho town is home to the smartest people, but it's a good starting place. Just a warning, the results are not what you'd suspsect.

You can get the full results here, but we'll fast-forward right to the #1 town for brevity's sake.

The smartest city in Idaho is....Rexburg.

Being that Rexburg is home to BYU Idaho, we're sure that helped keep their numbers healthy. The teenage dropout rate is a very low 0.2%, and less than 2% of adults in Rexburg don't have a high school diploma. Moscow, Idaho was just behind Rexburg numbers-wise.

How did your city fair? Think the list is accurate and accuatualy represents your city correctly? Hit us up on Facebook with your thoughts!

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