When you go to work every day, you have a few expectations:

  • Carol at the front desk is going to complain about her kids again
  • The coffee machine will always make that weird metal smell when you first turn it on
  • Your employer won't be liable for your very private personal information leaking on the internet for millions to see

Those first two things are pretty common. That last one, well, that depends on where you've worked in the past.

After an insanely massive data breach at Idaho National Laboratory in Idaho Falls last week, employees and former employees are all hitting the panic button. And rightfully so.

The breach in question happened on November 19th, as the INL was cracked by a hacking group who immediately posted phone numbers, home addresses, and even social security numbers of employees and former employees online. If that's you, INL is asking you to check in here to get updates.

So, what does one do when their data gets leaked online?

  • Change passwords
  • Get two-factor autiorization
  • Check your credit reports
  • Freeze your credit

Have you ever worked for INL before, or have a family member that has? Unfortunately, with this recent breach, even spouses' information leaked. So most definitely use caution if anyone in your home was employed by INL in recent memory.

In slightly smaller crime news, a Door Dash thief was recently caught red-handed on camera, and you can see the entire crime being committed. Do people forget that doorbell cameras exist in 2023?


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