This is SHOCKING to me!!

I just turned 30.. just accepted a new job and moved to a new city for the first time ever.. and just bought my very first house!

I actually started talking to my real estate agent before even announcing the move. Within 5 days, I sent her my wish list, found the perfect house, put in an offer and was accepted! FIVE DAYS. Apparently, this never happens so easily. Granted, I bought the house "sight unseen" so it was probably a faster search process than most, but still! I can't believe how quickly it's all happening.

I signed today, wired my life away and got the keys! Moved my cats and my suitcases out of the hotel we've been in for a week and a half and am finally in the house! What a feeling of accomplishment.

I'm about to leave work and start unboxing my life. I may not sleep tonight.

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