You can't escape it.

If you live in Idaho, you're currently being lambasted with stories and articles about California.

It just keeps going and going. Yes, people from California are moving to Idaho. More specifically, the Boise area. Some folks love it. Others think it "isn't good" for Boise.

Either way, it's getting way over done now. We get it. And, well, we're here to apologize.

Some readers have claimed some of our lighthearted pokes at the Sunshine State have been anything but, and we'd like to set the record straight: It's all in fun.

To prove it, we'd like to offer up a formal apology to any Californians who've stumbled upon one of our articles and taken offense. How? In the form of a very sincere Haiku poem.

Not one that we'll be writing, oh no. This is 2024. So we asked Chat GPT to apologize for us. This is what it came up with:

I'm sorry for the Things I said about the Golden State, forgive my jests.


So, we're good now, right? No hard feelings?

All jokes aside, Idaho is an amazing place to live, and we can't blame anybody for wanting to be here with us. All are welcome, we love you, and please stop making potato jokes. We know you think it's funny, but we've all heard them 10,000 times.


Adjusting from California to Boise is Tough. Let Us Help.

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