We’ve learned that more than half of the wildfires in Idaho are started by humans.

In fact, nearly 85% of the time, humans are the causes of wildfires versus natural causes.



This is for a number of reasons, but it's worth noting that it's oftentimes done accidentally instead of people intentionally starting wildfires. 

So, with the upcoming holiday weekend, we’re looking at these unintentional causes in particular:

  • campfires being left unattended
  • cigarettes tossed aside
  • fireworks gone askew


What can we do to prevent starting a wildfire on the Fourth of July?

For starters, let’s just get this one out of the way: don’t throw cigarette butts on the ground. 

It’s littering, and it’s bad for the environment and for the wildlife. 


Now that that’s out of the way –

If you’re camping, make sure your fires are securely put out. 

Do not, for any reason, leave them unattended. Even if you'll be right back... don't do it.


If you’re lighting fireworks, clear any debris or vegetation that may easily light on fire. Fireworks cause so many wildfires each year, because so much can go wrong – they fall down after being lit, sparks go askew, and/or people are simply clumsy. 

If you cannot safely light fireworks, consider attending a fireworks show instead of lighting off your own.


We don’t want to be buzzkills, but we don’t want our state to be on fire, either. 

Let's all be safe and smart this holiday weekend! Cheers!

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