At the beginning of 2016, instead of making New Year's Resolutions I made a short list of three things I wanted to focus on for the upcoming year.  I failed miserably, but instead of throwing in the towel, I'm hitting the reset button in 2017!

Obviously, my main goal is to continue to grow into some new responsibilities I've taken on at 103.5 KISS FM over the course of the previous 12 months.  That's always my main focus, but these are three things I hope to achieve for myself in 2017.  Before the holidays Kekeluv shared a "Quote of the Day" that read "Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life." I may not have a cute child at home to dote over like Keke or Tawsha, but I do try to find other ways to "fill my bucket" so to say! I feel like these three things will make me happy in 2017!

Control My Time Management Better

Oh, what a double edge sword this is.  Keke and my boyfriend will both agree that my time management could use some refreshing.  Our team at 103.5 KISS FM is so close knit, that it's easy to start laughing with everyone and realize an hour has gone by without getting anything done. I also tend to overwhelm myself by trying to fit in too many things in a short period of time and never actually get to sit down and exhale. I've GOT to be better about this in 2017. I'd like to get in a routine of prioritizing what needs to be done better, so that I'm not always scattered and completing "tasks."  Better time management will leave me more time to become creative with new ideas for the station and more quality time at home with my boyfriend (rather than be working on "getting ahead" once I get home.)

Get Crafty With It

Our boss is a wizard when it comes to coming up with creative concepts.  At some point this summer, he wanted to figure out how to make a light box with our logo on it to hang in the studio.  I found some really easy tutorials on how to make one on Pinterest, but never followed through with actually making it.  Between making Christmas ornaments, dressing up the prizes for our promotions like Summer Splash and KISSmas and my love of Paint Nite, I love doing creative projects I can show off once they're complete.  I want to find one cool thing a month from Pinterest to make for myself, the station or gift to someone else!

Do A Destination Race

In 2016, I gave myself a "12 in 12" challenge: to do at least once race a month for an entire calendar year.  While I'm incredibly proud that I pulled it off, it really put a strain on my time.  This year, I'm cutting back how much I race...but I'd LOVE to do a race somewhere outside the state of Idaho (even if that means trying to find one just over the state line in Ontario.)  I've looked into a wine run in Napa Valley, a Full Moon run in Nevada, a trail run in Oregon and I've got a friend getting married in Hawaii in 2017 (that'd be a cool place to run.) Who know where 2017 will take me!

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