We're living through strange times and as I post to our website or talk on the air here at 103.5 KISS FM, it seems I can't go long without saying the word "coronavirus". Some say you can talk about it too much. Some say we should be talking about it more. Here is the undeniable truth: everyone, in one way or another, is being impacted by what this disease has done and is doing around the globe. Some businesses pick up, some slow down. Some can't keep up with the work, others are finding themselves unemployed.

How are the marginalized in our community handling this? As well, if not worse, than the rest of us.

I really credit my roots at Bishop Kelly High School and Gonzaga University for instilling in me the spirit of being aware of the poor and marginalized in our community, with a motivation to do something about it. I'm also the first to admit that when life gets busy, it's easy to forget about those.

I have been blessed enough to remain employed during this coronavirus pandemic and today, for the first time since all of this uncertainty began, I wondered how our local shelters and charities were holding up. It made me feel really selfish. Shortly after, I saw a stack of fresh donut boxes here at the office and I decided to drive them down to the Interfaith Sanctuary who does some amazing work in our community.

As expected, all of the volunteers were wearing masks and gloves. Yet they were all smiling an serving those in need around us. The population that we so quickly forget about when things in our own world become unstable. I was humbled. I've been trying to track down toilet paper all week. What happens if our shelters run out?  The list of needs at the Corpus Christi House, Boise Rescue Mission, Women and Children's Alliance, Interfaith Sanctuary and more are always great. In times like this, they're greater.

Not to get political, but Bernie Sanders has a statement that really resonates with me. You can click play above to watch it. He asks of those in the crowd to find someone you don't know and that doesn't look like you. He then asks "are you willing to fight for that person as hard as you're willing to fight for yourself"?

As we work our way through these crazy times together, I hope that we all continue to think of one another, help one another, welcome the stranger, and simply help where we can. 


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