Oh, Boise. How we love you. There are few things we could ever possibly complain about when it comes to the city we love and call home. It's time we're honest, though--Boise folks always have something to say: good, bad, or otherwise.

Our opinionated residents are far from unique, especially when there's a keyboard involved.

Just 24-hours ago, the lineup to Boise Music Festival was announced for June 24th. The news came significantly earlier than most are used to and features a whole list of known musical artists, the top biller being rapper and 'Fast & Furious' franchise star, Ludacris.

Even with these big names coming to Boise--many had to rain on the BMF parade!

Internet Roasts Boise Music Festival 2023

Not everyone is happy about the lineup at Boise Music Festival this year...

By the way--the comments were no more optimistic last year...

The Comments That Roasted Boise Music Festival Online

If there is one thing that we can count on, it's how excited everyone is to make it to the Boise Music Festival. It is obvious, especially judging by the online commentary, that everyone is really excited!

So what's the deal with the negativity, Boise? 

This Twitter user was very excited in 2017!


  Yet even on Twitter, the haters were doing what they do best: hating!    


Listen, Boise Music Festival has for years been a great place to people watch and an even better place to soak up the sun and see some live music--for an AFFORDABLE price. Don't believe the online haters, especially if you're new to Boise. The one day festival that features a little bit of everything that the Treasure Valley has to offer is always a great time.

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