If you have ever wanted to know what is going on up on the Boise Bench, the world-famous "Boise Bench Dwellers" group on Facebook is the plug. Living here in the Treasure Valley is, for the most part, a very peaceful thing. Major crime, disaster, or drama is few and far between. It seems that it is always the "random" things that happen in our area--or the "random people" that get us into the news or get us laughing.

So, what IS going on up on the Boise Bench?

According to a recent post inside of the Boise Bench Dweller group--there's a badger on the loose. The member wrote:

Badger on the corner of Latah and Americana heading towards cemetery. I didn't have time to get photo but was surprised to see it there.

Now, there's nothing out of the ordinary there. We're used to seeing creatures outside in the Treasure Valley--especially deer! It was the comments that got interesting...

One commenter wrote:

Barry the badger is back! He's legitimate!

And another said:

Barry is cool and mostly chills. He knows the bench is the best place in Boise.

So it's time to spill the tea, Boise.  Am I missing a joke here or is there really an infamous "Barry the Badger" on the bench!? Another Facebook user said that Barry is a "Boise cryptid"-- ha!

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