The term 'growth' has become synonymous with the Treasure Valley over the last decade or more--but in the last few years, things have been taken to a whole new level.

Whether it's an In-n-Out, a Top Golf, or a pending build from Meta (Facebook)--not only have residential prospects discovered the Boise area, but so too have major corporations looking to expand and do business. Growth only continues to be seen in certain pockets of the Treasure Valley that are less crowded, like Star and Kuna.

Today's rumors are very, very focused on Kuna--some say, they aren't even rumors at all at this point.

Could it only be a matter of time before Costco, the third largest retailer in the world, expands its footprint in the Treasure Valley and opens a fourth location?

Here's a look at the 'rumors' that seem to be quite credible... 

Excitement Builds For A New Boise Area Costco

Do we have confirmation? No. Do we expect an announcement soon? Yes. Here's a look at what folks right here in the Treasure Valley are saying about a new Costco-- everything from what we know, what we've heard, and what might just be to come.

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Would you shop at a Costco in Kuna? 

All of the banter about this new Costco location has really started up (again) because of a recent post in a local Costco Facebook group. The group normally shares tips on deals and new items--but one member had to ask: is there going to be a new store? We were shocked to see and read how sure everyone was that yes indeed there will be.

Only time will tell--and we're waiting on an official announcement from the retail giant. Could it come this year, in 2023? We're beginning to think that yes, it will!

Happy Shopping!

Boise Internet Swoons Over Costco Menu Addition

It's the little things in life that can often make us the happiest! Let's talk about this new Costco menu item that everyone is raving about!

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Treasure Valley Reacts In A Frenzy Over Costco Toy Deal

Here's a look at the insanity happening at all three of our local Costco locations...

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

These 4 Items Are Being Rationed at Costco

You may remember that during the pandemic, certain items like rice and toilet paper were impossible to find at our local grocery stores. While we still aren't in the clear when it comes to COVID-19, we have come a long way with the development of a vaccine and more. For shoppers, however, there are some newly-announced limits to just how much of these items you are going to be allowed to buy.

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