If you somehow didn't notice, it was hot in Idaho this weekend. Really hot.

Have you felt like summer in Idaho this year has been warmer than normal? Are you having to drink extra White Claws just to stay cool? We get it. And you're not wrong.

Places all over the planet have been noting higher temperatures, resulting in massive fires, icebergs floating off into the ocean, and even water restrictions in some areas of the country. We're all facing the heat, but maybe Idaho has it worse than others.

On Friday, July 29th, Idaho matched or set numerous new records for the hottest temperature ever recorded on that day:

  • Boise: 104 -- The last time it was this hot was in 1934

    McCall: 95 -- 1994 was the last time McCall saw temperatures this warm

    Baker City: 101 -- New record

    Burns: 103 -- Another new record

The only good news here is that it's looking to cool down in the Boise area by Tuesday, but this doesn't really solve the problem, does it?

What do you think is causing all this excess heat? Is it global warming? People using too much hairspray? Aliens? We're curious what your thoughts are on the whole thing.

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