Tawsha Box says it's the kiss of death.

Can any relationship work if one partner has the other's name tattooed on them? We found out.

A buddy of my posted this, and it got my brain turning:

My girlfriend of 8 months is mad at me because over the weekend she asked me to get her name tattooed on my left arm. She said it would be super romantic and would prove my love and faithfulness to her. We were both drunk when this whole thing came up so I thought she'd forget all about it....NOPE.

She's really serious about this.

I'm nervous about it because it's only been 8 months but I don't want her to think I don't love her.
What would I do if we broke up in the future?

Should I do it?

I wanted to shout through the computer "OF COURSE YOU SHOULDN'T!!!" Then Tawsha insisted it's the "Kiss of death" getting someone's name tattooed on you. The stories we heard from you both confirmed and debunked her theory.

Eryka doing tattoo

Nikki called in from Boise, and she had it the worst. Her husband has a tattoo in Arabic, which he received before they met. Unfortunately, it translated to English to "Joann," which just so happened to be the name of the Brazilian bikini model her husband used to date. He still has the tattoo, and yes they're still happily married.

Slyvia in Nampa's name is tattooed on her husband, and they're happily married. Thing is, he got it four months after meeting her. Furthermore, he didn't tell her he was getting the tattoo. The surprise to me is less that they're still married and more that he didn't murder her.

So, is it OK to get your significant other's name tattooed on you? While it's not necessarily the kiss of death, I'd advice against it.

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