You're running 20 minutes late for work. You grab your keys, your coffee, your to-go bag, and that microwave burrito that's been sweating in the microwave for the past eight minutes. You get about halfway to work and notice a police cruiser pull up next to your vehicle. At that exact moment, you're stuffing what's left of your moist burrito in your mouth, in clear sight of the popo's view.

Are you about to go to jail? Let's get to the bottom of it.

In the state of Idaho, there are a bunch of things you can't do while driving. We'll leave that to your imagination. Question is, is eating one of them? Is it illegal to eat while operating a motor vehicle in Idaho?

Driving While Eating In Idaho

Will you get in trouble for chowing down your lunch in your car in the middle of traffic?

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You read that correctly. While we don't advice you try to eat that personal pan pizza on your way to Target, you won't necessarily receive a ticket for doing so.

According to, while you may not get pulled over for snacking on your churro, you could get in trouble if it distracts you from driving your vehicle:

So, what happens if a police officer in Idaho spots you eating a cheeseburger while driving down the road? That depends mostly on the officer and on how you're driving.


If a blob of mustard falls on your lap and you swerve, or if you slam on the brakes because you missed seeing a stop sign while reaching for a fry, you might be pulled over and cited for inattentive driving.


So, be careful behind the wheel if you do decide to sneak a couple bites of those leftovers from last night. We're not judging you.


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