Ok, lets start out by saying the whole 103.5 KISS FM family made it out to Amsterdam Lounge this past Saturday for their epic 1 year anniversary party.  By "made it out" I mean, we started tipping back champagne and the finer beverages life has to offer much earlier than we should have.  Oh, and we may or may not have shut down Pie Hole... team bonding and stuff...you get the picture.

Well, here's where I went wrong.  I announced to all of our friends that "all of us" would be grilling and swimming at Michelle's pool on Sunday at 5pm.  I also did not clear this with Michelle.  In fact, she didn't find out about this party she would be hosting in 17 hours until our friend Liz said "see you tomorrow at 5!"

Fast forward 15 hours (by now, I've got Michelle convinced we're having a pool party at her house).  We as a staff all left Summer Splash at Roaring Springs (which was awesome, by the way, see the recap HERE) agreeing to meet back up in a couple of hours for this party I had created.  I was in charge of bringing all food (fair, since it was my brain child of an idea).

Here's where I turn into the WORST friend ever: I went home and fell asleep.  Check out the voicemail I woke up to and let me know what you think.  I left EVERYONE hanging!  For the record... I made it there (with food) but was 2 hours late.