It's really important to me that I approach this the right way because I don't want to come off as cold. Care for the poor, vulnerable, and marginalized is extremely important to me-- especially here in the Treasure Valley. It's something engrained in my belief system and something I think our world needs more of. Today, however, I had the strangest encounter.

While driving to the gym from our offices on Parkcenter Boulevard this morning, I was at the stoplight next to Chick-fil-A waiting to take a right.  There was a woman with a sign asking for money and this always hurts my heart. There have been times I've given some cash, others that I haven't. To be honest, I have no idea how or why I decide to give or not to give from time to time.  Then again, this isn't something you see a TON in town.

The woman holding the sign on the corner was relentless--waving it and pointing right at me. When I didn't react, she began knocking on my window. Mind you--her kids are also in the street with her. The whole thing was unsafe and overly-aggressive in my opinion.

With everything going on right now, a LOT of people are struggling. I understand. But am I crazy? Was this crossing a line?

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