There has been a lot of talk about police in the last year and while it feels like a very divisive conversation a lot of the time, the benefits of having constructive conversation can be ample. Everything from an Idaho TikTok Cop that broke the internet (for better or worse, wherever you fell on that particular topic) to globally followed news headlines surrounding cases such as George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement--police have in many ways, been a highly talked-about subject.

Recent findings shared by The Idaho Fraternal Order of Police say that here in the State of Idaho--applications to join the police force are on the decline. According to the organization, the applications have been in decline for years now however the drop-off if really growing to be noticeable.

Growth and perception of public service jobs, like police work, can all be taken into consideration when trying to solve why there is a decline in interest to work behind the badge.

This news comes at an interesting time--while conversations are going on about police. Just last week, we learned that 44 Idaho police officers, during the year 2020, we disciplined for misconduct. This included a sheriff that was charged with rape.  At the same time, growth here in the Treasure Valley has the City of Boise's Police Department looking to hire on more officers.

Is all of this coming up at the same time, for a reason? Or does word simply need to get out, along with outreach and awareness on what exactly police work entails, to our community and young men and women? Obviously, we all need a police force to be kept safe--but something has to change when it comes to keeping our police departments staffed. It's simply about public safety.

Do you think that these jobs are in a decline for a reason?

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