It isn't the story line that I expected to see, but if "Not The Way I Planned" hasn't been a theme of 2020, I don't know what has! Someone should make a podcast about that or something!

We are several months into a global pandemic and as officials, scientists, politicians, and ourselves navigate where we go from here and how we get through this--a LOT of different types of research is being conducted. I just didn't think about wastewater being tied in to COVID-19.

Apparently since May of this year, the City of Boise has been testing our waste water for traces of COVID-19. In a recent interview with Idaho's News Channel 7 (KTVB), it was revealed that a LOT of sampling is taking place within waste water and as the cases have up-ticked, so too has the sampling.

Samples of wastewater from Boise, Eagle, and Garden City are being sent to the University of Missouri to be measured to see just how present the virus is in the waste water. Early results have show that the quality of the virus in the water has matched the increase in local cases.

Lean more about the interesting project, HERE.

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