A police officer right here in Idaho is getting a lot of attention on TikTok, yet many are asking--is he going too far?

I want to start off by saying, personally-- I don't have the answer to that question. The discussion exists and how you feel about this is up to you.

Idaho has been getting a LOT of attention on social media lately. It seems like every week there is a new viral star that is all over the internet from the Gem State. Take it all the way back to the start of the pandemic and you will remember the infamous "Pool Noodle Guy" to keep social distancing in place. Then of course, there was the "Ocean Spray Guy" and most recently: Mark Johnson.

Now, another Idahoan is making the rounds on the internet and this time, it feels a little controversial.

The man is Nate Silvester and he is a Marshall Officer in Bellevue, Idaho.


You can see one video, where the officer mocks LeBron James, via a tweet shared this morning by Clay Travis of Fox Sports Radio.

One Facebook comment says:

Your macho attitude, and the belief that cops can do no wrong is exactly what is wrong with policing today. You and those who police not to help others, but to show how tough you think you are, are the problem, not Lebron.

In another video, below, Silvester is seen getting out of his patrol car with Idaho license plates and issues a ticket to a vhicle (we assume this was all set-up) with a sticker that said "Only Gay Cops Give Me Tickets".  Silvester issues the ticket, speaking in a way that is clearly an attempt to "sound gay"...whatever that sounds like?


Many on the internet are finding his videos to be funny and his jokes in good humor. Others are saying he should be doing more important things while in his police uniform and that his antics aren't unifying or making the police force seem objective.

Have you come across these videos? What do you think about them all?


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