Californians do be movin' to Boise. In droves.

Yes, some folks in California do make more money, but even if that's the case, can anyone even afford to move to Boise from California? We're not talking about once you move there, considering the cost of living, work commute, etc. We mean the actual process of paying to move from point A to point B. It's pricey.

How pricey? Let's head straight to the moving companies for the answer.

While your mileage may vary (pun very much intended), the average cost to hire a moving company to get you and your family from California to Boise? Over $4,300.

That's just for the moving company to move your stuff. As someone who's moved across the country numerous times, that price isn't even close to the actual cost.

You have to consider hotel if it's a multi-day drive, food, gas, or even airfare if you're traveling through the sky to your new home.

Moving to a new place can be super exciting, and extremely fulfilling if you find the home of your dreams. Just make sure you have those pennies saved up to actually get you there.

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