It's an annual event that brings out our community and offers an invaluable opportunity to meet and spend time with our local law enforcement.  There will be events all over the Treasure Valley hosted in your neighborhood so that you can meet officers from Boise Police and those who live around you that you may otherwise not know!

The goal of National Night Out is to make out community a little tighter-knit, more aware, and more comfortable among one another and with where we live. If there's crime going on in your neighborhood, it's much easier to monitor and handle that if you have a relationship with your neighbors or police officers. What a luxury to be able to have a foundation for this, in Boise. If nothing else, taking your kids to see all of the flashing lights on police cars and fire engines is always a hit!

There are a TON of neighborhoods participating in National Night Out tonight, and some of them are even going all out with grills, potlucks, ice cream socials, and more. Odds are, you have seen postings or flyers about these parties around your home or street.

If you would like to see what is going on near you, the City of Boise has an entire list of events with details and more. Check out their master list, HERE.



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