It's officially official: the 8th street that we know and love here in the Treasure Valley is about to look REALLY different.

Of course, as businesses begin to open, the footprint that COVID-19 remains. That disease that caused a global pandemic and closed life and business as we know it still looms and even during re-opening phases will impact the way we live our life.

A few weeks ago, we told you that the City of Boise was looking for ways to allow businesses to thrive a little better as limiting capacity can really cramp the ability to make money. Now, it's official.

Announced just today, 8th street between Idaho and Bannock is going to to be closed to traffic and OPEN to the restaurants on 8th to expand patio and outdoor seating space.

Even with rain in the forecast for this weekend, this is a concept I can't wait to experience!

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