As more and more people fly out of the Boise airport, it's important to remember some essential things. Travelers should observe a customary code of behavior and courtesy when navigating airports and interacting with airport staff and fellow passengers. Good airport etiquette helps create a more pleasant and efficient travel experience and contributes to overall safety and security. 

SkyParkSecure paired up with one of the leading etiquette experts, Jo Bryant, and tackled some of the biggest traveling turn-offs. Jo is an etiquette expert, working at Debrett's for over ten years, and has edited 15 books on etiquette and modern manners. 

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The Boise Airport TSA line continues to grow. With more people using "Clear" and the TSA Pre-check line, the times of being able to show up 45 minutes before boarding are almost long gone. In 45 minutes, you could check a bag, go through security, and head to your gate before the 30-minute boarding period. Throw in an extra 20 minutes, and you have time for a drink. 


Almost 4.5 million passengers flew through Boise in 2022. In August, it was already up 11% higher than it was that time last year. In June, the Boise airport set a monthly record with more than 423,600 passengers.

With all the new and regular travelers flying through Boise and the additional flights, we decided to review some Boise Airport etiquette. 

10 Unwritten Rules About The Boise Airport That You Need To Know

Flying can be enjoyable for some and a chore for others. It doesn't matter which category you fall into. There are 10 etiquette rules that you should follow.

Did you know you can't take a gel heating pad on the plane as a carry-on? Even though baggage fees can be brutal, some items are banned from carry-on luggage, and you should know what they are. 

19 Items Absolutely Banned From Carry-On Luggage at the Boise Airport

Baggage fees stink and you'll do anything you can to avoid paying them, including dragging some more items on the plane with you. Unfortunately, won't get away with it if you try to bring these items through security as a carry-on.

When it comes to airport etiquette, you've seen the biggest traveling turn-offs, but what about the most annoying things people do at the airport that didn't make the list? 

10 Most Annoying Things People Do at Boise Airport


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