How do you plan on staying warm this winter, nude hot springs?

A great way to stay warm this winter is the obvious, HOT SPRINGS! But you should be careful which ones you go to, especially if you're new to the area. I'm no scientist so I found to educate you and me on what makes these hot springs work "Idaho’s geothermal activity causes natural hot springs to pop up all over the state, and soaking in this mineral rich water is an experience unique to any other."

Some of these hot springs have become so famous, that they are "Instagram Famous" and that's hard to do.

Why you're really here is because some of these Idaho hot springs are clothing optional! 

Photo by Ian Liberry on Unsplash
Photo by Ian Liberry on Unsplash

So, are you ready to drop trow and go nude? I could never go to a clothing optional hot spring because I just think that's a weird situation to be in. If it was a private hot spring and there was no one around, I would enjoy that opportunity.

If you have ventured off into these remote hot springs then you have the unwritten rule engraved into your brain, keep that footprint light. Meaning, stay on the trails, and for everything you bring to the hot springs make sure it returns with you.

If you're not sure if you can go nude or not to these hot springs, there's a really good chance you'll see a sign. Some of these hot springs even have signs.


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