Idaho has quite a few urban legends and mythical creatures to hunt for. One of the most popular and elusive is none other than the legendary Bigfoot... which is terrifying.

Be careful what you're looking for

There have been countless hunts and searches for Bigfoot. We've seen them in shows, documentaries, and movies.

The thing is, encountering Bigfoot, especially in the middle of the night, would be one of the most horrifying experiences ever. The sheer size and power of the creature, combined with its elusive nature will have fear oozing in and out of your body. Also! What do we really know about Bigfoot? How fast can Bigfoot run a 40? Can it teleport? Is it from this world? Does it eat people? And most importantly, how do you escape its clutches?

We found some of the most horrifying Bigfoot encounters ever recorded using data from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organizations.

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Whether or not you believe in it, these stories are enough to make you second-guess going into the woods to look for Bigfoot. Heck, if these stories aren't Bigfoot... what in the world is lurking in the woods creating these horrific stories?

Seriously, think about it when you go through these stories. They're essentially inhuman feats of strength and bizarre noises... all in the Idaho wilderness.


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