We recently covered the best cities in Idaho for starting a small business, and I was surprised to see just how many places in Idaho are phenomenal cities for small businesses! Given that (hopefully) it's warming up soon, it's time to start getting out, hitting the downtowns, and shopping local.

To say it's been a crazy last few years is an understatement, and overall, small businesses were hit pretty hard. Supporting the small, local businesses in our area really goes a long way.

I’ve personally heard about many local businesses who have had to close their stores permanently in the Boise area, and that's the opposite of what we want. We hope for more, new, cool, and local businesses — opening their doors!

Keep scrolling for 5 of the best ways to support local businesses, and a complete list of 19 new and cool business that have opened this year in the Treasure Valley 👇

Small businesses are hugely impactful in and for our communities, and especially the local economy, so it’s important to help these small businesses rebuild, and more than just rebuild, let’s help em' thrive!

With this in mind, I created a list of 5 EASY things we can do to ensure we’re supporting local businesses in the Treasure Valley this year. And if you keep scrolling you'll see some other fun lists like...

  • 19 new and local business to check out
  • the top businesses Idahoans say they want from California
  • and more 👇

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