Idaho makes a lot of things, and of course, we’re most notorious for our potatoes and stellar agriculture.

But there’s something else Idaho is known for having/making, too, and I’ve literally never known about it or fully understood it until today! How about you? Did you already know about this? Keep reading...

According to an article by Cheapism, Idaho is known for having the Star Garnet 👇

Stewart's Gem Shop
Stewart's Gem Shop

That brings a whole new understanding to the words, “gem state,” doesn’t it?

Here’s what Cheapism had to say about it...

“Idaho has more than famous potatoes going for it — for example, there's the state gem, star garnet, which are purplish-red jewels that reflect four-ray stars and are commonly found in the sediment of local streams. These unique stones are rarely found at malls or other outlets but reserved for gem and mineral collections or custom-made jewelry, some of which you can purchase at Stewart's Gem Shop in Boise.”

Stewart's Gem Shop
Stewart's Gem Shop

According to Stewart’s Gem Shop’s website, Dudley Stewart first “discovered the specific way in which to cut the rough garnet from the Emerald Creek area in order to reveal the star or rays within the stone. He pioneered the Idaho Star Garnet and introduced it into the market in 1951.”

Wow. You learn something new every day, and sometimes it’s even about a place where you’re from! I don’t know if I’m alone in this... but I’ve been in Idaho my whole life and I never knew about this story.

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