There are quite a few people and experts out there looking for Bigfoot. It's one of the longest-running hunts for a living creature of all time and we can't say we blame anyone for trying to find the elusive sasquatch. Who wouldn't want to be a part of a discovery that changes everything we know about living creatures on our planet?

Footage in Washington should have Bigfoot hunters terrified

We stumbled across some stunning footage of Bigfoot recorded in Washington. Here's the thing though - do you really want to find it?

It's one thing to see Bigfoot on videos from trail cams, drones, etc. We imagine it has to be a whole other experience to encounter Bigfoot up close and personal. And seriously, think about what that would be like.

Some people have said that Bigfoot smells horrible so there's that, but what about what we don't know if it does exist? Is Bigfoot as fast as the fastest human or is its speed more similar to a creature that we can't outrun? That brings us to our next question: how strong is Bigfoot and what can it do if it catches you? If it's as strong as a gorilla, we would be doomed... would it eat us?

Footage of Bigfoot was allegedly recorded in Washington and trust us - when you see this Bigfoot, we don't think you'd want to come face to face with it. Not only does it look massive, but it looks like it's looking for a fight... or a meal.

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