My apologies in advance for pointing this out to you (because now you’re going to notice this all the time), but when you’re driving around the Boise and Treasure Valley areas, you’ll notice there are dental practices literally everywhere.

But apparently that doesn’t necessarily make Boise a bad place for starting a new career in dentistry or opening a new practice.

Keep scrolling for a list of the 10 Best Cities in America for Starting a Dental Practice 👇

There’s a recent article from Becker's Dental Review that shares data from WalletHub regarding the best cities in the country for starting a career. The article says...

“In May, WalletHub determined the best cities to start a career. It compared 182 U.S. cities across two key dimensions: professional opportunities and quality of life. The website evaluated those dimensions using 27 metrics, including monthly average starting salary and housing affordability. Read more about the methodology here.”

When deciding where to start a dental practice or career, I’m sure there are a lot of different factors to consider. For example, determining the best cities for salary and making the most money, as well as cost of living, politics, people demographics, weather, public safety, housing, economy etc.

Keeping that in mind, Becker's then went through the additional effort to determine the most desirable states for opening a dental practice.

Keep scrolling for a list of the 10 Best Cities in America for Starting a Dental Practice 👇

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