Free is hard to come by these days and it seems like things continue to get more and more expensive. That's why when we come across a good deal, we have to double-check to make sure that we're not getting bamboozled.

Boise's Craigslist Is One Big Giant Treasure Chest

We're all about finding a good deal but nothing beats free. We found some items that we can't believe people in the Treasure Valley are willing to part with. It's not necessarily because of the items themselves, it's because they're not asking for any money in return.

From exercise equipment to full-blown access to the Metaverse, and even a pair of homes, here are some of the top items we found that you can get on Boise's Craigslist totally free.

7 Unreal Things You Can Get For Free In Boise Right Now

We're all about a good deal and there is no better deal than FREE...

Speaking of finding a good deal, there is a bit of a debate as to whether or not this camper we found on Craigslist is a bargain or not. Typically, when you are rummaging through Craigslist, you don't expect to see a camper that has a price tag of nearly $400k.

It looks as sturdy as a tank and certainly looks like it can withstand any adventures you find yourself on. But for $380,000, would you invest in a camper that only has room for two?

Boise Craigslist Has A $380,000 Camper For Sale... Is It Worth It?

We found a $380,000 "Adventure Vehicle" for sale on Boise's Craigslist... do you think it's worth it?

As we discussed previously, Boise's Craigslist is full of hidden treasures and the same goes for collectibles. We found some amazing items that some collectors would love to call their own. Have you ever found a hidden treasure while rummaging through Boise's Craigslist? Let us know about it here!

The Top 10 Collectibles We Found in Boise's Craigslist

We found some pretty interesting collectibles for sale in Boise's Craiglist and some of them could continue to go up in value.

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