Okay, if there's one thing we love to talk about in Boise - it's UFOs and just weird, strange phenomena in general. So, when we came across photos that had people commenting they were seeing God, we had to take a look.

The sightings took place over Boise near the airport...

Facebook user, Brittany M. shared a series of photos to the Facebook group, Idaho Weather Watchers that sparked a debate as to what in the world it is we're actually seeing.

She began the post with:

Okay you guys. I need opinions lol my mother snapped some pictures of the sky this morning, like she often does. The first picture was totally normal.. the second picture right after had the black circle... Nothing on her lens.

It's important to note that Brittany also confirmed there were no water droplets, no fuzz on the camera lense, and there were no drones spotted in the area.

Comments ranged from skeptical to those claiming that it is God Himself checking in on the Treasure Valley.

Could it be the work of a higher power or is it more extraterrestrials visiting the Treasure Valley to scope things out for when they take over?

Let's take a look...

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We absolutely love stories like this and if you ever have an unusual sighting, let us investigate it and share them with you. Feel free to send us your videos of anything extraterrestrial, paranormal, etc. here.

Boise has had some bizarre activity in the skies as of late and it has us wondering what in the world is even happening anymore.

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