The short answer: It is absolutely a must-see! Just take a look at these real reviews from Idahoans in the Boise area who have seen the movie, even as recently as last night. Plus, these reviews from people in our communities are far more trustworthy than the ones from the news media who are painting this film as some right-wing conspiracy movie...

This isn't about politics. This is about coming together to save lives. "By raising awareness with this movie, together we can propel a movement that will save millions of kids around the world." — Angel Studios

Sound of Freedom is a film based on a remarkable true story that follows a federal agent who rescues children from child traffickers. In the movie, he rescues a young boy, but discovers that his sister is still held captive. So, driven by determination, he leaves his job and ventures deep into the Colombian jungle to free her from a fate worse than death.

You've probably heard about the film on social media, as people are talking about it more and more, and it has become an increasingly viral discussion across many platforms... except maybe the platforms and outlets that are actively suppressing the movie's exposure.

Which was the inspiration for this article. We wanted to see what YOU thought of the movie, and your responses have been really positive and uplifting. Keep scrolling to see what people are saying, and check out the list of the best movie theaters in the Boise area! 👇

Is Sound of Freedom a Must See? Reviews from Idahoans!

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