Back in high school, a lot of us did things we weren't supposed to be doing - especially going to (or hosting) parties.

Now, if you were like some of us who lived in very isolated areas, finding a house to party in could be difficult. If you live in a small town, it could even be more difficult because you have local law enforcement lurking around every corner, ready to break up your shindig.

What's a party-goer to do?

You get creative of course!

Allow us to give a waiver that anything we're saying is by no means an admission of guilt! Heck, we all made dumb decisions back in the day and some of us didn't have a problem throwing a few kegs in the back of a pick'em up truck and heading out to an isolated field to throw back some brews with some friends.

It's just how you partied! Open fields were the best because if you saw headlights in the distance (assuming you went at night), you were able to give yourself enough time to either assess the situation and hide the goods... or get up on out of there!

We came across one spot here in Idaho near Mountain Home, that checks all the boxes and if you need further proof, all you have to do is take a look around this spot... a hole/cave.

We've heard rumors that this was a hotspot for teens to party back in the day and from the looks of inside this cave, it certainly seems like it's a go-to spot for some today.

The sad part is that there is trash... a lot of trash.

And it's not just any kind of trash but actually shotgun shells... what in the world kind of parties were going on here?

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