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Football fever has hit Idaho, and at the center of the excitement is Gatlin Bair, the best high school football player in our state. Here are 5 must-know facts about this local Idahoan athlete:

Historic Commitment: Gatlin Bair has made history by committing to play for the Boise State Broncos. He's the highest-ranked recruit ever to commit to the Boise State Broncos.

Lightning Speed: Bair isn't just fast; he's the fastest high school football recruit in the entire country. With a lightning-quick 10.15-second 100-meter time, he's set to leave opponents in the dust.

Record-Breaking Season: Last season, as a Junior in high school, Gatlin Bair caught an astounding 73 passes, racked up 1,073 yards, and scored an incredible 20 touchdowns. His remarkable stats have etched his name in Idaho's football history.

High Demand: Colleges across the nation were vying for Bair's commitment. His list of offers included big names like Texas A&M, Alabama, and Georgia, but he ultimately chose Boise State University — keeping things right here in Idaho.

Local Hero: Gatlin Bair's journey isn't just about football; it's a testament to the passion for the sport in Idaho. He's become a local hero, and the Treasure Valley is eagerly anticipating his impact on the Broncos.

As Boise State fans eagerly anticipate Gatlin Bair's arrival, he's wrapping up his senior year at Burley High School. However, the Treasure Valley remains excited about the prospect of this young athlete redefining the game and making Idaho proud on the national stage when he joins Boise State University next season.

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