The recent press release from the Nampa Police Department (shared on Facebook) detailing the end of the crime spree by a local criminal has somehow stirred up a contentious debate in the community.

We'll share the post below, but just a quick glance at the comments section reveals two very clear sides, with some people defending the deceased criminal and others expressing a sentiment of erasing his name forever. Where do you stand? (Story of what happened below)

Here is the post/release from the Nampa Police Department:

In a shocking series of events this month, a wanted suspect engaged in multiple shooting incidents across Caldwell, Nampa, and even northern Nevada. In the first shooting (February 16th at approximately 10:00pm in Caldwell), he shot into a vehicle occupied by two adults and a 6 year old child near the intersection of Indiana and Ustick, in which case the adult female was shot and suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Following multiple other shootings and vehicle accidents, the police were able to locate the suspect's crashed vehicle only to find him alone inside with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. According to the release, "He was transported by ambulance to a hospital, where he later succumbed to the injury."

The Nampa Police Department's announcement of his demise has left the community divided with conflicting emotions and arguments.

What Commenters Are Saying

Commenters defending the suspect argue for empathy and understanding, with some suggesting that there may have been underlying issues that led to his violent actions. On the opposing side, a different narrative emerges, with individuals expressing a desire to forget his name forever, emphasizing the pain he inflicted on innocent victims.

While some advocate for compassion and a deeper understanding of the criminal's circumstances, others argue for a clear line of condemnation, believing that there should be no excuses for those who commit such horrible acts.

Where do you stand?

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