Following a disturbing incident at Ward Park in Caldwell, reports are circulating on local community Facebook groups about a dog killer evading police and being on the loose here in the Treasure Valley.

Ward Park | Robert W. | Google Maps
Ward Park | Robert W. | Google Maps

The incident, which allegedly involved the stabbing death of a dog, has left residents shocked and concerned for the safety of their beloved pets and families at local parks.

According to a post on Idaho's Treasure Valley Community Awareness Page, the suspect is described as a 5'8" to 5'10" individual weighing between 250-300lbs, possibly in his late 20s, with a full beard and brown hair. Witnesses claim the suspect fled the scene after the brutal attack, leaving the dog's owner to tend to the wounds of their pet.

The post further alleges that the suspect claims, "the dog bit me," but there were no reports of a dog attack to authorities, and that's not what the witnesses are saying.

This incident has reignited discussions among residents about similar tragedies in recent weeks and months, raising concerns about whether or not this individual may be responsible for other unsolved cases involving harm to animals in the Treasure Valley.

As the community deals with this alarming development, residents are urged to keep a close eye on their pets and report any suspicious activity to local law enforcement. The incident has also highlighted the growing concerns about rising crime rates in the Treasure Valley, with many attributing the increase to the influx of newcomers to the area.

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