We get that no one is perfect but for some reason, there are certain places that bring out the worst in drivers. What do we mean by "the worst"? It could be anything from road rage to driving ability, or maybe it's just not paying attention. We all have our opinions about drivers in the Treasure Valley and some of them are brutal.

What defines a "bad driver"?

We asked people on social media to share with us which areas in the Treasure Valley have the "worst drivers." While we had a few people name certain places, we had several responses (including personal messages) that pointed to another issue... who has the better (or worst) drivers? People with 1A plates or people with 2C plates?

We would love to hear what you think about that here!

Scroll on to see the ways people can identify a bad driver and where they avoid going...

5 Ways To Tell If Someone Has No Business Driving in Boise

We asked people to share where they will find the worst drivers in the Boise area; here is what they said...

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Can you imagine what would happen on the streets of the Treasure Valley if we had flying cars? It can be a real possibility sooner than we think thanks to a team based out of California that just got approved by the FAA to pursue testing on a functioning flying car.

Scroll on to get a preview of the car we all might be seeing in the skies of Idaho before too long...

Will California's Latest Invention Change The Way We Drive in Idaho?

Are the days of road rage and bad driving nearing the end? A California-based company just received approval from the FAA for a vehicle we could all use...

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If you can't get enough of watching bad driving videos, Boise drivers never disappoint. Someone actually went as far as to make a fail compilation video for Boise drivers and it's hypnotizing.

Scroll on to see the best of Boise's worst drivers...

Someone Made A Fail Compilation of Boise Drivers And We Can't Look Away

How many of these "fails" have you encountered on the roads?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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