Unless you've been living under a rock, then by now you're fully aware that actor Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad and Westworld proudly claim Idaho as his home. But before the successful actor was winning awards and bringing delicious mezcal to the Treasure Valley, Paul was working his way up the ranks of Hollywood and made a pitstop on one of America's favorite game shows of all time.

"Come on down! You're next up on 'The Price is Right'!"

That's right - before he was on prime television cooking up meth with Mr. White, Jesse Pinkman was looking to "make fat stacks" via Bob Barker and The Price is Right in the year 2000. From the moment he is selected around the 12:41 mark in the video, you know that Aaron is going to put on a show. He absolutely steals the show in every camera shot that he is, oozing energy and charisma that is somewhat foreshadowing his ability to hold a scene with just his face. Aaron has a logical explanation for that energy but more on that in a bit.

You can't help but laugh at how emotionally invested the young would-be star is in everything he participates in on the show. Let's take a look at Aaron's unforgettable time on The Price is Right before he became a huge Hollywood star.

Did You Know Idaho's Biggest Celebrity Was On 'The Price Is Right'?

The energy Aaron Paul had during his appearance on The Price is Right is the type of energy we all need in our daily lives.

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Aaron says his time on 'The Price Is Right' is "embarrassing"

While Aaron laughs and jokes about how embarrassing his time on The Price is Right was, he offers up a logical explanation for his insane display of energy on the game show - Red Bull.

You can take a look at Aaron reflecting on his time on the popular game show in an interview below.

Inside Aaron Paul's Rustic Idaho Home

Aaron Paul gave Architectural Digest a tour of the home he had built. The video on Youtube has had over 17 million views in 3 years. Keep Scrolling to watch!

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Inside of Aaron Paul's Million Dollar Boise Home

You know him best as Jesse Pinkman from the hit series "Breaking Bad" and in Boise, you know he's one of the biggest stars to ever call our city home. Now, the first home that he purchased in Boise, Idaho is on the market and up for sale. By far, this mid-century home is one of the sexiest builds we have ever seen--with access to the pool from nearly every room in the home.

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