In today's world, there is so much happening and while I don't condone detrimental habits, I think we would all agree that sometimes an ice-cold drink just fixes everything. Again - is it a viable solution to all of our problems? Absolutely not, but it certainly makes the sun shine a little brighter if you know what I mean. just named the best bars in each state and with reporting that Idaho has 352 bars total, it makes this award that much more prestigious. Even better for the rest of us? That bar is right in the heart of downtown Boise. Press & Pony is located at 622 W. Idaho St. and features a variety of craft cocktails in a very intimate environment.

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When ranking the best bar in every state, used data from various publications and review sites including "North America's 50 Best Bars."

According to their site, Press & Pony invites the "adventurous and outlandish" while ensuring patrons will be "revitalized with new experiences and seek avenues that augment the spirit of evolution."

If that doesn't sound like the ultimate place to kick back and unwind over a craft cocktail, I don't know what does! So, without further ado, let's take a look at the best bar in the state of Idaho according to Do you agree with their ranking or did your favorite bar get snubbed? I would love to hear about it here. Cheers!

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