Alright, so I'm going to right out and say it - I love food. Just yesterday, I shared the best places to get the best places to find loaded fries with you and all that did was leave me hungry for more. With football season upon us, I couldn't think of a better gameday meal other than finger steaks.

According to one origin story from the Spokesman, finger steaks were born in Milo's Tavern in Boise back in the 1950s. The owner supposedly realized he could deep fry two to three-inch long pieces of steak strips and people would go crazy over them. Why? Cause they're downright delicious.

I have my own theory that finger steaks were an accidental gift from the ancient gods who blessed the Treasure Valley with those stunning mountains that we love so much. No, seriously, they're that delicious. Couple a solid finger steak with some delicious fry sauce and you have arguably the greatest duo ever to exist on one plate.

I told you - I love food.

So, with football season coming up fast, I did research to find where we can enjoy the best finger steaks in all of Idaho. It's Idaho's signature dish and there's nothing more American than watching your favorite team over a plate of heavenly greatness that is finger steaks.

Did we snub your favorite finger steak spot? Rather, do you have the greatest finger steak recipe of all time? I would love to hear about it and of course, try my hand at recreating a dish from the Garden of Eden.

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