We have some great places in Idaho and the Treasure Valley to grab a beer. According to Far and Wide who just did a nationwide look into each state's best brewery, we have a pretty great one downtown that also does a lot for the community.

Something extra special about this particular brewery is that it was originally launched through a successful Kickstarter campaign. Far and Wide says, "Community Supported Beer is a real thing, and Boise Brewing is one of only a few around the country in which a collective of individuals and businesses own the brewery. As part of this, they brew beers to benefit various local causes and in general make big, experimental and modern styles of beer." 

How cool is that?! Boise Brewing is truly a special place. They explain the full story on their own website of how things got started, here is a snip... "At Boise Brewing, we’re brewing up more than great beer, we’re building a community. Back in 2012, Collin Rudeen first came up with the idea of opening a brewery when he signed up for a community garden. He wondered why there couldn’t be a fresh pint of his favorite craft beverage for pickup along with his monthly box of vegetables. Just like that, Boise Brewing was born."

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So far Boise Brewing has raised $10,349 to local non-profits for the community. Each month, Boise Brewing works with a local, non-profit organization to help raise funds and volunteer for their organization. Truly showing what a local company can do when it set's its mind to the community.

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