Call me crazy but I feel like I will never look at a resume the same again. I recently went down the Amazon rabbit hole looking for random things to buy (and to write about) when I decided to search "BSU" in the search bar. I then experienced a wave of emotions that began as a shock, turning into reason before evolving into "what if?"

I stumbled across several frames and custom frames people can buy to show off their illustrious college degrees. When I clicked the frames to see the Boise State frames that include photos of the school, a place for a tassel, etc... I noticed under "Products related to this time" a customizable "gag" degree service. My curiosity got the best of me and I clicked the $15 product when I started to begin wondering: are people forging their degrees on Amazon?

GD Novelty Items via Amazon
GD Novelty Items via Amazon

Surely, there's no way people would buy a $200 legitimate Boise State frame and then a $15 custom gag degree that falsely claims knowledge... right? One look at the Q&A for the product and my stomach dropped.

"Can you make it for a master's degree instead of a doctorate?" read one question. The answer from one satisfied customer seemed pretty telling of the "gag" degrees purpose:


This vendor seemed to sincerely want to produce the exact document for the appropriate purpose that I needed it for. They were very easy to work with and the product is well worth the investment.

Um, excuse me? For "the appropriate purpose that I needed it for"? Why so cryptic? Is anyone else suspicious of this? Another potential buyer asked if they could request a specific university which received the cryptic response: "anything you want."

Am I overthinking this whole gag or are you in the same boat of suspicion about this as I am? It's hard to think that at least one person hasn't at least tried this (and I'm not condoning forgery), but it's even scarier to wonder... who's gotten away with it?

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