The internet has a new favorite meme, and it stars former Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson.

The awkward moment has gone viral and is now being mocked and mimicked across the world wide web...and the NFL.

Photo By No Context Highlights on YouTube
Photo By No Context Highlights on YouTube

Russell Wilson is no stranger to the spotlight. He's married to star singer Ciara. He's a Super Bowl Champion. He's been a fixture and one of the biggest names in football since he entered the league.

His highlights and touchdown passes are frequently shared across Twitter and social media. He's one of the most athletic quarterbacks the league has seen and despite being one of the shorter QBs in the league, he's never let that affect his game.

However, right now, it's not his athleticism that's trending and going viral. It's a totally different video. The viral video is part of a promotion from his new team the Denver Broncos on social media.

In the video, they're trying to give a behind the scenes look at them filming their new superstar QB filming hype promos for the team. Wilson is standing in front of a green screen listening to instructions and saying, "Let's Ride."

In Russell's defense, this is a very weird moment to be in and probably shouldn't have been shared out of context. It's awkward repeating a line that you're instructed to say. So, I don't fault Russell at all for any of this. Check out the video below.

Very awkward video that they shouldn't have shared publicly. I'm sure the final product with images on the green screen will make much more sense and will be cool...or at least would have been cool. Can you still play that clip after it's gone viral like it has? It will just have the crowd laughing now. Once the internet gets its hands on something, it's tough to get it back.

Players across the league, and in Russell's new division haven't let the video go unnoticed, either. Los Angeles Chargers Wide Receiver Keenan Allen seemed to be mocking Wilson at a practice recently.

The national sports talk shows had a field day with it this morning. There seems to be a great divide on whether or not the QB is cheesy and corny.

This isn't the first time that Wilson has made a video that left audiences sort of scratching their heads.

Does Mr. Unlimited ring a bell? I let this Let's Ride video slide, but still not sure about Mr. Unlimited. Don't get that one.

In addition to talk shows and other athletes getting in on the fun, it's now a college football thing that QBs are doing for their hype videos.

Not just one or two...a lot of them are doing it...

So, as you can see, the internet is having a blast with this right now. It's not going to go away any time soon. I actually like it. "Let's ride." Say it out loud. "Let's ride." It's very cool.

We may be laughing now, but we're only three months away from it being part of our every day lexicon.

Last year, we had "Let's go!." Now, times have changed and it will be "let's ride."

In the end, we can all thank Russell Wilson for it. Has he trade marked it yet? Don't be surprised if that ends up happening. Monetize it, baby. You know what to do. Let's ride.

At the end of the day, Russell is doing something right. Have you seen the inside of the home he shares with Ciara?

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