Let us start off by saying that this is not a scientific nor does it reflect any real data. It is simply a study to see where Americans view other states intelligence. What they perceive it to be. I will at the end give you some real statistics for comparison but for now, here are the results of how we are viewed by the country.

Ranker says, "Intelligence is tough to measure, of course, and the point here isn't to judge or to mock, but to establish, in highly unscientific terms, which US states the rest of the country wouldn't trust with a glue stick. However, you personally gauge stupidity, vote up the states you reckon are chock-full of the stupidest folks."

Alabama won the top spot, followed by Mississippi and Arkansas.

Who do people see as the smartest states?

Hawaii won the top 'smartest' spot followed by New Hampshire, and Idaho's neighbor Montana.

So where did Idaho land in the mix of 50 states?

Idaho landed on number sixteen as the dumbest preserved state.

So, what is real? How does Idaho actually rank? Here are some education information worth checking out.

Idaho Ed News recently reported, "Idaho again placed last in a national teacher union’s per-pupil spending comparison. The National Education Association‘s annual Ranking and Estimates Report put Idaho at No. 51 in the category for 2020-21. Multiple studies have for years put the state at or near the bottom of per-student spending tallies, sparking concerns from K-12 leaders."

US News shows that 34.4% of Idahoans are College Educated,. Compared to the U.S. average of 42%

Also on the site, using actual data, US news used the following info to find each states ranking. "The states were ranked on performance in higher education as well as primary and secondary schooling and pre-K education. The measures included percentages of adults with associate degrees or higher, the rates of students completing public four-year and two-year college programs within 150% of the normal time, the average tuition and fees for in-state students at public institutions and the average debt load of graduates from public and private colleges. The states also were ranked on percentages of children enrolled in preschool and compared in national testing of eighth-graders in math and reading, in rates of graduation from high school and readiness for college."

Idaho ranked at 29th in the state for education. Learn more about Idaho education below.

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