Beware of Idaho roads during the winter months.

Scenic winter drives are a fantastic way to appreciate the beauty of the Gem State. But experienced or not, snow driving in Idaho is nothing to pursue lightly.

SafeWise says the Gem State is the fourth-trickiest state for snow driving. With the first snowfall in Idaho expected on November 22, we'd say now is probably a good time to read-up on best practices for winter driving.



If you're wondering about a specific Idaho road, Keep Truckin' singled out a two-lane beauty that cuts through the Sawtooth Valley in central Idaho. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation's 2013-2016 study, its stunning views can distract drivers from the fact that it's the third riskiest road in the nation.

What's Idaho's most dangerous road during winter?

Highway 75 is a considered a gem among Idaho's most jaw-dropping roads. The two-lane route meanders through the Sawtooth Valley and Central Idaho, treating locals and tourists to breathtaking mountain panoramas.

Unfortunately, however, there's a dangerous downside to Highway 75. It's been flagged by the United States Department of Transportation as one of the most treacherous roads to navigate under snowy conditions.

Scroll on for seven factors to mind when driving down Idaho's stretch of Highway 75 in the winter. 

7 Factors That Make Highway 75 Idaho's Deadliest Winter Drive

A drive down Idaho's Highway 75 is beautiful in the snowy winter months! But as magnificent as the scenery is, the danger of driving along this road shouldn't be underestimated.

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So, while it's undeniably gorgeous, a good dose of caution should be your copilot if you're thinking of taking on the picturesque Highway 75 this winter season.

How familiar are you with Idaho's winter weather quirks? Scroll on to stay safe with a look at 15 of them.

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