We certainly have some interesting structures in Idaho. From the Famous Potato Hotel, to the Dog Shaped AirBnb House, to the Crazy Idaho City House, to the Bazar 4 Story Tree-House, to all of the Castles that we have around Idaho.

I came across another unique and interesting home. This one has a stunning view sitting right on the shores of Bear Lake in St. Charles, Idaho. This private home has beautifully detailed fairy tale scenes painted on the outside. That is not the only thing that makes it unique and interesting though. This home is shaped like a boot or high-top shoe.

According to RaodSideAmerica, "A house that's shaped like a shoe sits right on the edge of Bear Lake, a gorgeous mountain lake on the Utah/Idaho border. To see the shoe house, drive north on highway 89 from Garden City, turn right towards Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge, then turn south and drive along the road on the east side of the lake."

A blogger who writes chalesetalks was able to stay at the house for a short time. She learned that, "Grandpa (Dr.) Conrad H. Nebeker was raised on this beautiful lake that their ancestors helped settle in the early 1930’s. He was quite an eccentric man and thought that it would be a great idea to turn his house into a fairy tale (for his grandchildren). He grabbed his friend, Steve Songer, a well known artist, to help with the creation and got to work on his storybook world. "

Peek Inside the Big Idaho Potato

You may be wondering, what kind of amenities come with a giant potato like this ... you know ... in the middle of nowhere? Surprisingly, this potato comes with all of the essentials, and then some. Here are a few photos of what the Big Idaho Potato looks like on the inside.

Gallery Credit: Parker Kane

The Castles of Idaho

When you think of Idaho you most likely don't think of fairytales or kings and queens in big castles. However, medieval architecture, drawbridges, gargoyles, knights armor, towers, and even secret passages can be found right here in Idaho.

Gallery Credit: realtor.com

Idaho Treehouse Custom Built By Artist

The Redfin listing is for just over 11 acres including the main 4 story home that looks much like a tree house, and two additional structures on the property. The home was originally built in 2000 by an artist. 

Gallery Credit: Nikki West

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