Look - let's be real with one another for just a moment. We all know that being an officer of the law can be stressful but a lot of us don't realize just how frustrating things can be.

Our officers can only do so much...

Checks and balances are the fundamentals of our government and one could argue that it's what makes America what it is: there is always a branch to keep the other in check. But, what happens when one branch loses faith in the other? That could be the case in Nampa...

Keeping Idaho criminals behind bars is a challenge

At least from the outside looking in, it doesn't appear that local law enforcement and local courts are on the same page when it comes to repeat offenders. Nampa police recently shared through social media that they did what they could with one criminal in particular... but he just kept getting another chance to commit more crimes.

"Nampa Man Released from Jail, Steals Vehicle, Leads Police in Pursuit, Crashes Stolen Vehicle, and Runs Away on Foot -- All on The Same Day"

27-year-old Joshua Dylan Jensen committed multiple crimes, serious ones at that, and did it all on the same day. When you see this man's rap sheet, you might empathize with the Nampa police a bit more than you do now...

Let's take a look...

The Unbelievable Road To A $1 Million Bail in Nampa

A Nampa man just landed himself a $1 million bond and already has a ridiculous rap sheet...

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

What do you think? That's a lot of "in and outs" and destruction along the way. Are Nampa police right for being frustrated that this criminal has been allowed back on the streets not once... not twice, but countless times? Is there a better way to keep our streets safe?

Check out their full statement and let me know your thoughts here.

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